Greys class 7th June 2019

Date: 7th Jun 2019 @ 3:03pm

Welcome back to our final term of the year.

This week Greys class have been working extremely hard  doing a variety of assessments about all the different things they have been learning about this year and it was surprising how much we all remembered.

In Literacy we watched a film about a little girl called Zahra and have been writing expanded noun phrases about her, using different adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing more interesting. We described the things she did, the type of character she is and what she looks like and will be putting all of that information together on Tuesday to create a poster about her.

In Maths we have all been working on multiplication. The Year 1s have been sorting amounts and items into groups of 2, 5 and 10 whilst the Year  2s have been using number lines and landmarked lines to help them with multiplication before looking at how we solve division problems.

We began our new Geography topic, "Where would you prefer to live England or Kenya? and located England and Kenya on a world map before naming the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We are all pretty secure on our continents now, so if you can practise the oceans at home that would be really helpful. We watched a couple of videos to help us.

We also began our new Science topic, "Would you keep a dinosaur for a pet?" and thought about why it would be tricky to keep a dinosaur for a pet. We also made a list of all the things we want to find out about dinosaurs and watched a video of a blackbird showing its life cycle, before drawing and describng our own life cycles of a dinosaur.

We had a very special delivery on Thursday when a letter arrived addressed to us from Buckingham Palace. It was very exciting and we were all very pleased that the Queen had asked her lady in waiting to write to us and send us some information to answer the questions that we had asked her in our letters to her. We brought copies of it home to share with our families and friends.

In Art we created African landscapes using wax crayons and in Music we began practising our songs for Peter Pan. Details for costumes will be sent out soon.

PE this term will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, so timestables tests will now be on Thursdays.

Next week only, due to the Inset day the spelling test will be on Tuesday.

Show and Tell next week is about Africa or Animals and habitats.

Tuesday - Dex

Wednesday - Elsie

Thursday - Sophie

Friday - Ellie

Please ensure that you have returned your forms for our trip to Whipsnade on Monday 17th June.

Have a lovely weekend.

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