Greys class 9th October 2020

Date: 9th Oct 2020 @ 3:26pm

The week began with our first school trip of the year to the River and Rowing Museum. It was a brilliant day and we had the museum all to ourselves. We started by looking at different objects and identifying different materials, before saying why we thought that material had been chosen, to be used for that particular object. We then learned all about reversible and irreversible changes and made moulds before casting our medals from plaster. We are looking forward to painting those at school next week, once they are dry. Whilst the next activity was set up we drew a medal, drawing what we would win it for and the grown ups had to guess what it was, they did very well at guessing most of them correctly. The morning ended with a session of sorting materials according to their properties. After a well-deserved lunch we had a wander around the galleries searching for items and then identifying their materials and we also had some quiet time whilst we looked for objects made from different materials before drawing them. It was a great day and we hope that we can visit again soon!


This week we read Bethan Woolvin’s alternative version of Hansel & Gretel, which told the story of Willow, the good witch. We focused on predicting what might happen and compared this story to the original traditional tale.


In Literacy this week we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and have listened to different versions of the story. We particularly enjoyed The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. On Tuesday we wrote down a list of verbs and nouns from the story. We worked in groups reenacting the story, then we drew story maps in preparation for Big Write, whereby we rewrote the story in our own words.


In Maths the Year 1s have been looking at part, part whole and the different ways that this can be written, so for example;

2 + 7 = 9,

7 + 2 =9,

9 = 2 + 7 and

9 = 7 + 2.

They did this using a mixture of numbers and objects.


The Year 2s have also been looking at different fact families. Similarly to the Year 1s but with bigger numbers and also including subtraction, so;


12 + 7 = 19

7   + 12 = 19

19 = 12 + 7

19 = 7 + 12

19 – 12 = 7

19 – 7 =12

7 = 12 - 9

9 = 12 - 7

In Computing we again used Sketch and drew our favourite scenes from The Three Little Pigs, bringing together all the skills that we have been using over the last few weeks.


We practised our cutting and joining skills in Art and created a 2d model of a house, ensuring that our pieces joined together correctly and that our doors and windows were straight, which was a lot trickier than we thought.


Quite a few of you have spoken with me regarding spellings and Sumdog. We are using Sumdog as a trial until half term, as we already use it for times tables in Year 2 and above, Year 1 please feel free to practise your Maths on it if you wish though. As I custom make my own lists, Sumdog will only allocate one spelling game per that set of spellings, this will stay on there until completed. However, due to feedback from the few parents that I have spoken to, I have now managed to put 1 game on every day, Monday to Friday. Spellings will be tested at school on a Monday, children will be told of their results and can then relay this information back to you. Please feel free to also use the spelling list from the blog to support the children in writing the spellings throughout the week, focusing on correct letter formation as well.


This week’s spellings are,


Year 1













Year 2













Please also continue to read every day where possible, logging your reading onto Go Read. Year 2s, if you could continue to practice your times tables too please.


Have a fabulous weekend!

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