Grey's Class 24th June

Date: 24th Jun 2022 @ 4:36pm

What a busy week we've had in Greys' class - lots of play rehearsals to kickstart the week - which paid dividends! All of the children looked fabulous in their stoat costumes and did an excellent job of remembering their lines and performing in front of an audience, they should be really proud of themselves! 

In maths this week, we've been learning about weight and mass. The year 1s were focused on measuring mass using our cubes. They then progressed onto trickier word problems comparing objects with different weights. The year 2s have been looking at weight using grams and kilograms. They have had to learn to carefully read scales and decipher what the scales were counting up in. 

In English, we have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have been writing shopping lists, using adjectives to describe Tiger's appearance and character and sequencing the story in chronological order. 

In science, we have been puting our learning of the six main animal groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects to good use and went on a nature walk around the common - we saw such wide variety of animals that belong to the different groups.

Whilst we're all a little tired, Greys' are so excited ahead of sports evening and cannot wait to cheer on and support their teams! 



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