Greys week commencing 13th May

Date: 19th May 2019 @ 10:52am

What an exciting day Saturday was for Peppard! A huge well done and thank you to all the mums and support crew who took part in the Dragonboat Challenge. It was lovely to see them all in such good spirits way ahead of schedule taking a well deserved break at Sonning with friends and family there to support them and cheer them on. Luckily the weather was kind to them and no doubt they enjoyed their end of adventure celebrations. Once again thank you for all the money raised as it will make such a difference to the children and school.

In Greys class this week we have been challenging ourselves again in Maths. The Year 2s have been finding the difference between two 2 digit numbers by using the counting up or counting back method and have realised that practise makes perfect! Meanwhile, the Year 1s have also been finding the difference between two numbers bridging 10 using a number line, which proved a lot trickier than they originally thought, but they persevered and eventaully grasped the concept. We finished the week off with some work on 3d shapes.

In Literacy we have been deciding whether it would be a good idea to keep an orang-utan as a pet. We spilt into groups and brainstormed facts that we knew about orang-utans before thinking of the things that we would need to have and do to actually keep one as a pet.

The Year 2s have had some reading assessments this week and worked extremely hard, so well done to you all.

Continuing our theme of Portraits, on Tuesday afternoon, we were lucky enough to have another local artist teach us how to draw feelings and emotions in our portraits. Ali, Sienna's mummy came along and gave us lots of hints and tips which we put into practise over the course of the afternoon. We took photos of ourselves using a polaroid camera and used the pictures to copy from to draw our own self portrait. In no time at all we were drawing lemons for our eyes and ensuring that we had set the proportions out correctly. It was a lot of fun and learned so much to add to our knowledge of portarits and would like to say a big thank you to Ali for spending time with us.

In French we have been revising the parts of the body and in RE we learned all about what Muslims and Hindus believe.

We hope you enjoyed listening to what humility means to us in Church on Friday, thank you to all those who came along to the service.

We have learned about the lives of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama this week and Show and Tell has also added to our knowledge of significant individuals who have made a difference to the world. In Show and Tell this week we heard about Emilia Earhart, Marie Curie, Michelle Obama and Grace Darling.

Show and Tell continues on this theme next week;

Monday - Beau

Tuesday - Lyra

Wednesday - Ted

Thursday - Maria

Can I please remind you that we have PE on Monday and tennis on Thursday this week. Please remember your water bottle, especially for tennis.

We will be visiting the River and Rowing Museum on Tuesday so please ensure that all slips and payments are returned to the office. Children will need a packed lunch.



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