Highmoor week commencing 16th December

Date: 19th Dec 2019 @ 11:41am

Welcome to the last week of term in Highmoor class! 

We have been very busy practising for the Christingle service. We are feeling confident with our recorder playing and are really looking forward to sharing our work with you. 

We have finished our own versions of the Iron Man story using our characters we created in a homework activity a few weeks ago. In maths we did fun activities based around fractions and times tables

In science we investigated how pitch can be altered in various instruments. We also made and decorated our own pan pipes. 

We have now completed our DT project involving mouldable materials. The results, I am sure you’ll agree, are quite stunning. The children have shown great focus and attention to detail in the final task of decorating their clay vessels. As inspiration the children looked at a vase made by a professional ceramicist using the same slab building techniques as they had done with their own work. Via text message the children were able to ask questions about how long it takes her to make her pots like the one we had in class. They found out that it was a long process that needed lots of patience and some luck as on some occasions it all can go wrong quite suddenly. They were curious about how she decorated the inside of her very tall pot and were amused that she had tied a paintbrush onto a long stick to complete the task. First, they chose a plain colour for the outside and then created their own original design painted with fine brushes to create the detail they required. The children should be very proud of their fantastic creations.

We had a fun music lesson where we listened to different types of music from bagpipes to Jimmy Hendrix! We had lots of fun acting out playing guitars, harps and bagpipes!

We made ribbon Christmas tree decorations and listened to Christmas tunes to help get us into the Christmas spirit. Finally, on Thursday, we made our Christingle oranges ready for the service tonight. 

It has been a really busy, but fun filled term with trips to a synagogue and our prehistoric day at Hill End, maths competitions, sports competitions, visitors coming into class to help make our topics come alive and all our usual lessons at school. Everyone has worked so hard and should feel very proud of the learning they have done and positive attitudes they have brought to school. The children thoroughly deserve the Christmas break!  

Finally, all the staff in Highmoor want to say a big thank you to everyone for all the generous Christmas gifts you have given us. 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. See you in 2020!


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