Greys week commencing 4th November

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 7:49pm

Welcome back to school! 

The children have coped really well with having 2 different teachers this week and have behaved impeccably. They have welcomed us to their classroom and been very helpful in pointing out where things are and how things normally run. 

We kick started our new science topic of Materials with some interesting show and tells. On Friday we investigated the different materials found around the classroom  and thought about their properties and why that made them ideal for their job. 

In literacy we have been working on using interesting vocabulary to describe settings. We watched a short film called The Black Hat which starts in a forest. We based a lot of our work around the the things the character could see, feel, hear and smell. We wrote expanded noun phrases to describe forests and then different settings. 

In maths the year 1s have been focussing on thinking about 1 more and 1 less than single then 2 digit numbers and writing appropriate number sentences to demonstrate their knowledge. Some of us moved on to 2 or 3 more and less. The year 2s were finding pairs of numbers to 20, recognising the use of a symbol to represent an unknown number in a sum and adding and subtracting single digit numbers from 2 digit numbers.

The children practised their ability to control their speed, direction and agility in PE. It was lots of fun with obstacle courses to complete including balancing beanbags on their heads whilst travelling backwards. This was very tricky!

We have been busy learning songs for our Christmas play this week and also practising for the church service. All the children have something to say in church, please can you help them to familairise themselves with their lines over the weekend. Many thanks for your help with this. 

Show and tell next week is on materials and is…

Monday - Lucas

Tuesday - Ruby

Wednesday - Ted

Thursday - Maria

Friday - Lucien

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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