Highmoor 11th March

Date: 11th Mar 2022 @ 12:22pm

Welcome to a week in Highmoor.

In literacy this week we wrote our own versions of the poem I Have. The children did a great job following the poems rhyming pattern, rhythm, using adjectives, writing in the present perfect tense and coming up with some amazing ideas that they might have done from playing for Manchester United at Wembley to fighting giants! We are continuing to read Butterfly Lion and have spent time analysing the vocabulary and word choices. With Mrs Griffith we investigated dilemma stories and acted out some of ideas. 

In maths we have started to learn long multiplication to enable us to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We are also continuing with telling the time and made our own matching game where we had to match digital and analogue clocks. 

In Geography we learnt about some of the effects of climate change on our planet.

On Tuesday we had a fun afternoon with a visit from Michaela as part of the Henley Youth Festival. We made hanging decorations using jigsaw pieces to show how important our friends are to us.

PE lessons this half term involve dance at Peppard War Memorial Hall and orienteering on Thursdays around the school grounds and Common. Both lessons have been lots of fun and all children enjoyed taking part. 

In science we learnt more about seed dispersal by pretending to be squirrels burying food for the winter on the Common!

Our computing this half term is Scratch programming. We all enjoyed tinkering with Scratch becoming familiar with some of what it is possible to do with it. Children who attend the Scratch after school club were able to do some excellent coding and then helped out their classmates suggesting improvements to their work.


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