Highmoor 18th March

Date: 17th Mar 2022 @ 2:03pm

Welcome to another week in highmoor.

In literacy this week we continued to read The Tin Forest and wrote some brilliant setting descriptions using adjectives, prepositions and nouns. We also did some hot seating taking turns to be characters from the book. In Eric we continued to read The Butterfly Lion and spent some time investigating difficult vocabulary taking our time to look at the context of the words to try and figure out the meaning.

In maths we have continued to work on formal methods of multiplication to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit. Year 3s have done a great job using the expanded method, year 4s moved on to short multiplication and multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1. We have also continued with telling the time.

In geography as part of our 'Why Is Planet Earth in Danger?' Topic we investigated rainforests, identifying on a map where they can be found and why they are so important to us.

We did more coding in Scratch this week in computing. This time using the 'loop' function to help us create programmes that included sounds. It was a fun and very noisy lesson!

In PSHE we continued to think about having a positive mindset. We looked at different scenarios and thought about what a negative or positive thought about it might be and how that affects our emotions. We had some great sharing of positive affirmation phrases that we could say to each other or ourselves to help boost our positive attitude.

Please don't forget Sumdog and reading for homework.

Have a great weekend all. 



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