Highmoor 20th May

Date: 19th May 2022 @ 10:01am

Welcome to our week in Highmoor.

This week in maths year 4 have been working with decimals again this time focusing on hundredths. Year 3s have been solving tricky word problems, thinking carefully about what calculations are needed to solve the questions. Both year groups also spent time looking at days of the week, months and years and used calendars to solve calculations.

In literacy we have started to write non chronological reports about dragons. We investigated examples of reports and have decided what type of dragon we will write about it. The children are loving thinking about the diet and behaviour of their species of dragon! We are also writing newspaper reports about a dragon attacking our school!

We had an art afternoon where we used watercolours to paint dragon eggs. Children explored different ways to create effects with the paint. We also had a go at drawing dragon silhouettes and were very pleased with what we achieved!

In history we explored what life was like for knights, squires and pages in Norman England and had a go at recreating a jousting tournament!

We had a fun morning exploring static electricity. There were lots of activities for us take part in - you can see them in the photos!

Please can you encourage your yr 3 child to complete Sumdog homework if they aren't doing so. Yr 4s are doing well with their maths books - thank you for your help with this. Reading every day is so important for all children, again please can you support them with this, discussion around the book ensuring the meaning is understood is as important as hearing your child read. Thank you for your help.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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