Highmoor 28th January

Date: 28th Jan 2022 @ 12:01pm

Welcome to another week in Highmoor.

In maths the year 4s have now finished co-ordinates, we looked at mapping and moving points on a grid and describing the movement. Year 3s spent more time using mathematical language to describe 2D and 3D shapes. Both year groups also continued to learn about equivalent fractions using fraction walls to help.

In literacy we learnt about the myth of Pandora's Box and wrote sentences using adverbs about it. We also wrote a comic strip telling the story of Perseus and Medusa and used speech and thought bubbles to add more detail. We have also been reading the book It Starts With A Seed to tie in with our Science work.

We are continuing to monitor and record our various experiments in Science. Some of our plants are looking decidedly unhealthy! We have also investigated how water moves around plants by putting celery into water with lots of food dye. Unfortunately the water hasn't transported up the xylem as well as we hoped it would but we can see some evidence of it. 

In history we looked at some of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and looked in detail at a wall carving from an ancient temple to see if we could identify which God was which. After learning about the theatre in ancient Greece we will be making masks next week using modroc. This week in art we looked at creatures from Greek myths and designed our own masks of fantastical beasts.

We had lots of fun in computing planning a birthday party. We looked at websites that use databases to source food and gifts for the party. We were able to sort and filter our searches and realised that there were some very big databases used by supermarket and gift selling websites.

Please don't forget Sumdog and reading homework.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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