Highmoor 29th April

Date: 28th Apr 2022 @ 10:37pm

Welcome to the first week of the Summer term in Highmoor! We hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you had a chance to meet up with family and friends.

In literacy this week we have been looking at 2 poems. We started by reading the book 'Tell me a dragon' and focusing on the beautiful descriptive writing and illustratikns. We all imagined what our dragon would be and had some fantastic ideas like Cloud dragons, Spirit dragons and Rock and Roll dragons! Everyone did a great job of copying the style of writing and we had some really evocative writing. We are also looking at the poem 'The dragon who ate our school' and will be creating performances to accompany it. We are also resting the book 'The boy who grew dragons' in ERIC. If anyone has a copy and wants to bring it in it would be beneficial. 

We started our new topic in history 'How did the Normans affect our local area?' and began by recreating the Anglo Saxon Witan which decided which of the contenders fir throne would be the next King of England after Edward The Confessor. We then learnt about the Battle of Stamford Bridge and Battke of Hastings. We had lots of fun recreating the Battle of Hastings, riding our horses into battle, forming a shield wall and Harold (Ruby!) being shot in the eye with an arrow!

In maths we worked on our problem solving and reasoning skills using all 4 operations. Year 3 have been using base 10 to calculate fractions of amounts and year 4 have been using fractions to calculate quantities. 

In Science we have started our electricity topic and investigated what is is and how and where its is used. 

This term in PE we are playing cricket and going to Pepperd tennis club to perfect our tennis skills. It has been a lot of fun revisiting these sports.

Have a great long weekend everyone. 


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