Highmoor 8th July

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 1:49pm

It's been a busy week again ending with 2 fun filled science mornings. We are learning about nutrition and what our bodies need to be healthy. We used iodine to test the amount of vitamin C in different fruit juices. We also investigated the human body and how the skeleton and different muscles work together.  

In literacy we wrote text to accompany part of the story Journey. We used descriptive writing to bring the settings to life, short sentences to build tension and thought about how we could describe someone feeling scared without specifically telling the reader what the person was feeling. All children made a fantastic effort and produced some great writing.

We are continuing to read 80 Days Around The World and have spent several sessions practising our retrieval and inference skills.

In maths year 3 have been solving problems involving money and year 4 have finished the topic of area and are working with decimals again.

We learnt all about lines of latitude in geography and added key lines on to our individual maps of the world. We also investigated how the landscape differs depending on how far from the equator we are.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend everyone. Don't forget hats, water bottles and sun cream next week, it's going to be hot! 

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