Highmoor Class week commencing 5th November

Date: 10th Nov 2019 @ 10:19am

This week in maths we have been learning written methods to subtract. Year 3s have been counting on on a number line to find the difference. Year 4s have been using the expanded decomposition method. Our maths learning this week has involved a lot of concetration and written work in books. Everybody worked very hard! 

In Literacy, we started a new book this week called 'The Iron Man'. In Chapter 1, the Iron Man steps off a cliff and lands, broken into pieces, on the beach below. We looked closely at the language the author used to bring this scene to life and help us visualise the character and his movements in our mind. We identified similies and created some of our own. We wrote some questions to the Iron man that would help us understand his actions. For homework, we will be designing our own characters and writing similes to describe them. 

We spent some time completing our explanation texts about the Water Cycle. We used a checklist to ensure we had included all the features of this writing genre. 

In PSHE, we began a new unit all about team work. We discussed the features of teamwork and a good team player. Mrs Smith placed numbers on our backs and we were given a challenge to order ourselves from 1 - 30, in silence! It was tricky but we developed some useful strategies and were able to see the importance of working as a team. We worked in groups to role play good teamwork.  

In PE, we have moved on to look at passing and invading skills in Hockey. We started by playing hockey hoovers! Miss Tillotson asked us to move around the common holding our hockey sticks correctly pretending to hoover the leaves! We played 'stciks on the floor' to help us find space and practiced dribbling the ball between cones. We ended our lesson by having a go hitting. 



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