Highmoor week commencing 3rd February

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 3:03pm

This week maths has been all about fractions. Year 3 started by locating halves and quarters on a number line. We moved on to finding halves, quarters, thirds and sixths of shapes and numbers. By the end of the week we were adding fractions with the same denominator together. Year 4s were investigating equivalent fractions. We started with halves and quarters and thought about other fractions which were the same amount eg 4/8 or 4/16 etc.  We moved on to tenths and fifths and then thought about equivalent decimals to halves, tenths and fifths. We finished the week by adding together fractions with the same denominator within 2 wholes using a fraction line. 

In literacy we studied some newspaper reports identifying the features that we expect to see in them. We thought about our own newspaper reports that we are going to write about the Battle of Hastings. We have also been learning about pronouns.  

On Wednesday we had a very busy day with a church service, fire drill and then our trip to Reading Museum! The museum was great fun. We acted out the story of the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings with costumes and props. We then spent some time looking in detail at the Bayeux tapestry in small groups. We were very surprised to see just how big it is! Our historical investigation skills were put to the test as we followed the tapestry and looked for clues about Norman life and details of the events and daily life in this period of history.

In art and DT we continued thinking about our castle design. We decided what kinds of cardboard boxes we were going to use when it comes to building our castle next week. We included any nets of shapes that we wanted to build too. Please can all children bring to school on Tuesday any cardboard (no plastic) boxes, tubes etc for their own castle and any extra that others might be able use. Thank you!

Homework this week is to log on to activelearn and complete the new games allocated to you. Old games are still there if anyone wants to have a go at them too. Well done to all children on submitting their 500 word stories for the past 2 weeks homework. We realise this was a big task so thank you so much for supporting your children with this. 

Can I also put out a request to continue practising times tables at home. They are so important to our children's understanding of maths. Please practise them as often as you can with your children, it makes a huge difference to their ability to understand and contribute to maths lessons. It is really important to continue to practise the tables they have moved on from not just the one they are focussing on now. Instant recall of all tables from 2 x - 12x is expected by the end of year 4. Thank you so much for your help with this. 

Children will need a packed lunch on Monday as we are taking part in an athletics tournament and will be leaving just before 12.  

Lots of thank yous this week, we do appreciate your support! Have a great weekend. 

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