Highmoor week commencing 10th January

Date: 13th Jan 2022 @ 1:51pm

Welcome to another week in Highmoor.

We have been working on angles and shapes in maths. Year 3 have been investigating quarter, half and full turns clockwise and anti-clockwise and have moved on to identifying right angles and acute and obtuse angles. Year 4 have recapped this and also learnt about equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles and different types of quadrilaterals. We have also continued to work on fractions.

In literacy we have been learning about riddles and limericks and had a go at writing our own. We had a 'riddle off' with Springwood via zoom which was great fun. We have also been reading and watching videos of Greek myths. We have summarised stories and wrote sentences that included sub ordinating conjunctions about them.

We began our history topic last week learning about Ancient Greece. We will continue with this until half term. We had fun learning about the differences between Sparta and Athens and enjoyed acting out which city we belonged to.

In Computing we found out what records, fields and data meant in terms of databases by playing games of Top Trumps! We will move on to investigating actual databases next week!

We have started a new topic looking at the music of rivers in music. We learnt a new song called The Flowing River. We took it in turns to sing the melody while rest of us sang the harmony.

In Science we are learning about plants and have started an investigation into what they need to grow.

Please don't forget about homework. Sumdog is set every week for children to work on their times tables. It runs from Monday to Sunday and can be completed all at once or in short bursts to suit each child. It really is so important. All children should read every day and record it in their Home School Diaries. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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