Highmoor week commencing 11th Feb

Date: 15th Feb 2019 @ 12:23pm

Half term is here! The children have worked really hard this term and fully deserve their week off. 

It's been a week of fractions in maths. Year 3s started by placing halves and quarters on a number line, moved on to finding fractions of whole numbers, next we found fractions of shapes and ended the week adding fractions with the same denominator. Year 4s have been identifying equivalent fractions and reducing them to their lowest form, we moved on to looking at decimal equivalents for halves and tenths and ended the week adding fractions together. 

In literacy we looked at how to use possessive apostrophes which is trickier than we thought - especially when plural nouns are used! We also looked at how to punctuate speech correctly. We all wrote our mystery stories that we have been planning. We tried hard to include all of the grammar, punctuation and figurative language we have been looking at over the last few weeks.

In geography we learned about tectonic plates and their boundaries and continental drift. We found out about the different plate boundaries - destructive plate margins which cause volcanoes, constructive boundaries form ridges like the Trans Atlantic Ridge, conservative plate margins where earthquakes form and collision boundaries where you find fold mountains.   

We rounded off our term of investigating the Mediterranean by creating our own tourist posters. 

There is no homework over half term but there are spellings to learn. Please find time to practise time tables too if you can, not just multiplication facts but division too. And don't forget to practise those that you have already passed. 

Just a reminder that the on first day back after the holiday the children are taking part in an athletics event and will need to bring a packed lunch with them. 

Have a lovely half term everyone!

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