Highmoor week commencing 11th March

Date: 15th Mar 2019 @ 12:07pm

Wow! What a busy week it has been in Highmoor. 

We have had more exciting trips for the Henley Youth Festival starting with a visit to the Explorer Dome in Henley. This was such an exciting and fascinating way to spend the afternoon. We all had a brilliant time and loved being inside the dome. We learnt about the threats from climate change and environmental damage that Earth faces and how that impacts on all of the living things on our planet. We were given some tips on how we at home can help protect the environment. 

On Thursday we went to Shiplake to do some street dancing with Urban Strides. We had a brilliant time and learnt some cool moves which Im sure your children have been sharing with you! 

Friday afternoon was spent at Badgemore learning the Cha Cha Cha ready for the performance tonight at the Kenton. 

In the classroom we have been focussing on formal written methods of subtraction and addition in maths. Some of us have been focussing on the compact method and some of us the expanded method. We have also recapped using the frog method and then moved on to solving word problems.

In Literacy we are continuing to learn about the Shang Dynasty and using non fiction texts. We have also been watching virtual tours created by other schools and identifying what we think are the features of a good tour as well as the essential information to be included. We've discussed the key information we think visitors need to obtain from our tour and have decided on the parts of our school that need to be included. We have started to create a hand drawn map of our school.

In geography we have located some of the world's most active volcanoes on a map. We identified that they join to create the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean and that below that is a destructive plate boundary.

Our music lessons with Mr Marples are continuing every Monday. We were thinking about keeping a rhthym with our body parts and of course practising on our recorders. 

Good luck to all the children tonight at the Kenton and have a great weekend everyone. A well deserved break! 

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