Highmoor week commencing 11th October

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 1:36pm

Welcome to another week in Highmoor.

We had a very exciting start to the week with our trip to Hill End for a Stone Age workshop. We started the day by splitting into 2 teams and each team building a shelter that we all had to fit in. Whilst we were inside, the shelters were tested to see how waterproof they were by buckets of water being thrown over them! We then got to explore a roundhouse and learnt all about how they were used, how they were built and investigated various animal skins that would have been used for different purposes. After that, we all had a go at cooking Stone Age bread over a fire, foraging for food, grinding wheat and making an axe. We finished the day playing team games practising our hunting skills - we threw spears at a wild boar and had to be as quiet as possible creeping up on Mrs Claridge!

Back in school we have continued to develop our column addition skills. Year 4s have been adding 4 digit numbers with more than 1 exchange and year 3s have been adding 3 digit numbers with 1 exchange.

In history we learnt about the Iron Age. We investigated hill forts and thought about what we might find inside and out of them. We also looked at Celtic art and designed and made our own brooches based on the common features of decorative Iron Age objects.

We really enjoyed being back at Church on Wednesday and it was lovely to see so many parents there. We collected a huge amount of food for local food banks - thank you to everyone that donated.

Homework is Sumdog for times tables and reading every day.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  


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