Highmoor week commencing 14th january

Date: 19th Jan 2019 @ 1:27pm

It has been another exciting week in Highmoor class where we have begun a few new topics. In PE we started to learn about Bollywood dancing! We learnt about mudras which are hand gestures used to signify things such as trees, lions, flags, lotus flowers and prayers. By the end of the lesson we were choreographing our own Bollywood dances using mudras. 

We have also started our topic of volcanoes which was very exciting as we got to watch clips of volcanoes erupting and we thought about all the things we wanted to find out about volcanoes. 

 On Monday and Tuesday we continued to study poetry and think about how metaphors bring our writing to life. We all wrote a poem about the sun using metaphors to describe it. The results were excellent. We also continued to think about mystery stories and wrote our own stories using all the techniques we have been studying the last few weeks. 

In maths the year 3s started the week by adding 2 or 3 two digit numbers together. We moved on to subtracting 2 digit numbers by counting up and then thinking about the best way to subtract numbers from each other. The year 4s used column addition to add amounts of money. We rounded numbers to estimate what the answer would be. We then moved on to counting up to subtract 3 digit numbers and then used this method to subtract amounts of money. We thought about the best methods to use for subtraction.   

Several children bought in things for show and tell. Thank you to Jemima, Jasper and Noah for bringing in volcanic rock and some holiday photos and a map from the Canary Islands. Although we don't do show and tell every day like in Key stage 1, you are always welcome to bring interesting things in to share with each other if they link to our topics. 




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