Highmoor week commencing 15th July

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 2:10pm

The end of our last full week in school has been packed full of fun activities. Tuesday and Wednesday were moving up mornings. Year 4s got to experience life in Springwood class and came back full of excitement and anticipation of the year to come. They are all ready for the new experiences and challenges that being in year 5 will bring. Year 3 stayed in Highmoor and were happy to be back with the year 2s. They were all so thoughtful of the new children arriving in Highmoor and loved being the eldest in the class. They will be excellent role models in the new term. 

In literacy we finished reading The Spiderwick Chronicles which we all really enjoyed. We have spent a lot of time looking at how the language used in the book creates an atmosphere and gives us clues as to the characters feelings. 

In maths year 3 started by looking at tenths on a number line from 0 - 1 and finding tenths of amounts. They moved on to finding fractions of amounts. Year 4s were investigating equivalent fractions, solving fraction word problems and finding non unit fractions of amounts. 

We looked at Roman roads in history, we thought about how they would have changed England and made life easier for the Romans and English and then mapped out some key routes through England. 

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