Highmoor week commencing 15th October

Date: 18th Oct 2018 @ 1:42pm

It's been another exciting week in Highmoor class, with lots of fun activities. We started our maths lessons this week looking at place value additions and subtractions. Year 3 focussed on 3 digit numbers and year 4 focussed on 4 digit numbers. Year 3s moved on to apply this knowledge to money and year 4s moved on to creating 5 digit number additions and subtractions. 

In literacy, Monday and Tuesday were spent on performance poetry. We compared 2 poems by Christina Rossetti - Caterpillar and Fly Away Swallow, and had lots of fun in groups performing Hurt No Living Thing. Towards the end of the week, we spent time creating All About Me pages for the information book 'Where Would You Choose to Live?' We wrote paragraphs containing facts about our lives and drew pictures to support the paragraphs. We ensured each picture had a caption. We also created a heading that contained alliteration and gave each paragraph a sub heading. 

On Tuesday in history we discussed the different sources historians get their information from. We thought it would be fun to investigate the churchyard to see what information we could gain by looking at gravestones. We had a really informative afternoon looking at graves of people who were alive during the Victorian period. We found out about how long people lived and what names were popular. The children were very respectful while there and behaved impeccably.  

On Wednesday we got into teams to draw and paint giant poppies in preparation for the Remembrance Service coming up soon. 

This week in Design and Technology we were challenged to  design and create a model of a suspension bridge. First we looked at a variety of different suspension bridges around the world and saw how they all had a similar shape using suspension cables to keep them up. We noticed how most of them were made to cross a wide span. We were given a basic diagram to work from and then given a variety of resources from which we had to choose. Previously as a result of a whole class evaluation of our truss models, we decided that to improve our model making we should try to be more accurate in measuring of the separate parts. It was a tricky challenge but we all worked hard together and produced some great bridges. Finally, we wanted to find out about the load baring qualities of our models so they were all put to the test. Some to destruction! 

There will be no homework over half term. Enjoy the break! See you next term! 

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