Highmoor week commencing 20th May

Date: 23rd May 2019 @ 11:39am

Well done to all the Mums that took part in the Dragon Boat Challenge and people fundraising on the day. You did a fantastic job and our school will really benefit from all your hard work. Thank you.

In maths this week we all started by measuring in mm. We drew bar charts to display our results and then converted our answers to mm. The year 3s looked at measuring the capacity of various containers and thought about whether ml or litres would be a more appropriate unit of measurement. We then moved on to look at angles - acute, right angles, obtuse and reflex and thought about clockwise and anticlockwise.

In literacy we began by looking at Roman Gods and Goddesses and thought about the descriptive language we coud use to describe their appearance and personality. We also spent some time writing up our newspaper reports on our fashion item. 

In gym this week we worked with a partner to form letter shapes with our bodies, this was great fun. We used lots of equipment for balancing and jumping.

There is no homework over half term, but please can you spend some time revising all the times tables you have learnt so far. Some of us have forgotten ones we were confident with. 

Finally, we hope you all enjoy half term. Lets hope the weather stays nice!  

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