Highmoor week commencing 22nd November

Date: 25th Nov 2021 @ 3:05pm

Welcome to Highmoor!

We have started writing our information texts in literacy basd on our history topic of Prehistoric Britain. We are using our plans and thinking carefully about how we will lay out our writing to include pictures and captions, subheadings, fact boxes and each paragraph. We are really enjoying the process and are looking forward to continuing next week. 

In maths we are learning how to subtract numbers using the column method. Year 4 are familiar with this already and are subtracting 4 digit numbers from 4 digit numbers exchanging more than once and solving tricky problems using this method. Year 3 are just starting to learn this method and are using place value counters to help understanding. We played multiplication and time games on Friday and had great fun trying to outwit our partners.

We had a go at printing using our collagraphs we made last week. The results were varied and we reflected on why this was and what we could do to improve them.

In PSHE we are continuing with our topic of team work. We worked in small groups to solve a mystery involving a stolen computer and then reflected on what worked well within the dynamics of the team and what we could improve upon. We then thought about how people's body language and facial expressions give us clues about how they are feeling and how we can act upon that.

We had fun in PE improving our hockey skills. We played hockey stuck in the mud, practised our dribbling and passing skills and finished off with some mini matches.

We researched precipitation and temperatures around the world on iPads in Science and read the book A Drop Around The World in ERIC to tie in with this. We also set up our own water cycles and can't wait to see what will happen next week. 

In music we finally all got our new recorders. We played Hot cross Buns and started learning some Christmas Carols. Charlie played Silent Night and Esther played Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for us. It's always great to hear the children perform things they've been working on at home.

In French we have started our new topic - ma famille. 

Thank you to Sienna and Esther for their book reviews this week, we heard about The Day I Fell Into a Fairytale and Judy Moody!

Please continue to read every day with your children and mark it in their Home School Diaries. Sumdog and times tables work has been set as usual to run from Monday to Sunday.

Finally can I just say that some of the pictures uploaded this week show your children portraying emotions. They are not that miserable or upset in lessons! 😆

Have a great weekend everyone.


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