Highmoor week commencing 23rd September

Date: 25th Sep 2019 @ 3:50pm

This week maths has been all about shapes. Year 3s started by investigating symmetrical patterns and lines of symmetry within shapes. We thought about the names of 2D shapes, how to describe and sort them and about the angles within them, especially right angles. We then moved on to 3D shapes and named, described and sorted those too. The year 4s started the week by practising using compasses to draw a circle with different radii. This was trickier than we thought! We also then investigated 2D and 3D shapes thinking about the correct mathematical language to use and how to sort them into Venn or Carroll diagrams.

In literacy we continued to look at the story Stone Age Boy. We wrote descriptions of the stone age camp using some of the words we had found in a thesaurus last week. We also did a bit of drama acting out parts of the story. 

We are thinking about birth ceremonies at the moment in RE and this week focussed on how Christians celebrate the birth of a baby.

This week in music we practised part singing and developed our Viking raiding song by adding movement to our performance. 

We have continued to investigate gases, liquids and solids in science. We used balloons to discover the weight difference between an empty and filled balloon. We could see how plastic bottles stayed rigid when air was trapped inside and how they collapsed when we allowed the air to flow out by taking the top off. We also looked at how gas can be trapped between objects and how it moves through water when escaping.

Children have some maths homework to complete this week, due back in by Tuesday. As always please can you ensure your child reads every day and practises their times tables as often as possible. Time spent on these activities at home has a huge impact on your child's learning. 

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