Highmoor week commencing 24th June

Date: 28th Jun 2019 @ 9:38am

This week we have started to practise our songs for Peter Pan with members of the cast from year 5 and 6. We are all very excited about it and are getting better at adding in actions to match the words. 

On Thursday the year 4s and some year 3s took part in a rounders competition at Chiltern Edge. It was great fun and it meant we got to demonstrate some of rounders skills we have been practising at school. 

In maths the year 3s were looking at scaling up and down by a factor of 4. We thought about how it was easier to double a number then doube again or halve and halve again rather than multiplying or dividing numbers by 4. The year 4s were learning the importance of working systematically and also worked on scaling problems.  

In literacy we have started to write our own Roman myth thinking about alll the elements that go into a great story. We will continue with this next week. 

In history we learnt about the impact that the Romans had on Britain and were suprised to discover what an effect they had on our country.

This half term in Design Technology we have been cushion making and in the process have learned running stitch, back stitch, zig zig  and blanket stitch. We have learnt how some stitches that are functional are meant to be invisible whereas our embroidery stitching has made our designs more attractive, so we have been trying really hard to make those stitches equal in size and pleasing on the eye.Our choice of  thread colour has reflected these requirements and we are now seeing our cushions really beginning to look amazing. It has been great fun trying to stuff our work as much as possible thinking about the comfort it could provide and then close the seam by sewing them shut. Mrs Clinkard has been greatly impressed by the concentration, determination and perseverance  of the children and their capacity to support each other in acquiring these new skills,resulting in some brilliant work.

This weeks homework is to learn the words to our song for the play. Please spend some time on this. As each year group is singing their own song it means there are half as many children on stage so everyone needs to sing their very best and know all the words so we can have the same impact in the theatre. Thank you!

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