Highmoor week commencing 24th May

Date: 27th May 2021 @ 2:33pm

Welcome to the last week of term in Highmoor class.

We finished our book Escape From Pompeii in literacy and wrote some descriptive recounts of the volcanic eruption. We also thought about how the character's feelings changed throughout the story and chose the most appropriate adjectives to describe them.

In maths we all learnt about angles. We compared right angles, acute and obtuse angles. We also spent more time on learning and improving our skills with short division, some of using place value counters to help.

We had a great afternoon recreating the human digestive system. We chewed bananas and bread using scissors, knives and potato masher to represent our different teeth in a bowl which represented our mouths. Then we emptied our mouth into a funnel and tube representing the oesophagus. We then mushed up our food further in a zip lock bag (our stomach!) and had great fun squeezing the food through a leg from a pair of tights representing our intestines. We observed how the liquid was extracted from the food during this process which represented our bodies taking the nutrients it needed. The most hilarity ensued when we cut a hole in the end of the tights to represent the anus and squeezed out the remains of the food thus producing faeces!

We looked at Roman mosaics in art and focused on the intricate patterns used in borders. We recreated these patterns in our sketch books and thought about what we had done well and how we could improve our work.

There is no Sumdog over half term but spellings have been set and will be tested on our return to school on Tuesday 8th June.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and are looking forward to seeing you all after the holiday. 

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