Highmoor week commencing 25th March

Date: 28th Mar 2019 @ 11:01am

This week in maths we have been focussing on telling the time. The year 3s have concentrated on telling the time in analogue and digital both to and past the hour and finding a time a number of minutes later, some crossing the hour. The year 4s have also been telling the time converting between analogue, digital and the 24 hour clock. We then moved on to plot and write co-ordinates and translate shapes. 

In Literacy we started the week by writing a non chronological report about the Shang Dynasty. We thought about the features of a report including using a formal tone and the use of subheadings. Later in the week we continued with making our virtual tours of our school. We have been busy filming around the school and have nearly completed our guided tour! 

We  made seismographs in Geography to model measuring the size of an earthquake on the Richter scale. 

In recent weeks our art lessons have been  focussing around the variety of ways we can make our mark! We have explored mark making techniques using  different types of pencil. We discovered that our ordinary writing pencils were in fact quite hard (HB) but really useful for making fine and intricate lines and patterns. Along the way we have been able to experiment further with  softer pencils (2b,4b,6b) and found that they were really good for different shading activities to create different tones and 3d effects. We also practised using different grips when shading to good effect.

We then moved on to see if we could, with just a few drawn lines, make our stick people look like they were moving.Then we had a go at filling out the ‘sticks’ to add muscle to create a more human-like figure. We had fun trying to find all sorts of activities for our figures to take part in including running, jumping, and in many cases hanging upside down.

We became more and more confident with our drawing and  thoroughly enjoyed  utilising mirrors when once again with just a few lines we attempted to make cartoon self portraits to show facial expressions and different emotions. Finally we looked at some of the portraits by Pablo Picasso who painted many ‘abstract’ faces. It was a bit strange at first but we soon got the hang of taking different features of our faces and placing them in a random way to create our own abstract image.

This weeks homework is all about times tables. Please take the time to practise the table you are currently on and the ones you have learnt previously. This is both for multiplication and division facts. You can practise by writing them out, using flash cards, playing games, using websites such as topmarks.co.uk, learning by rote. Whatever works best for you! 

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