Highmoor week commencing 25th November

Date: 29th Nov 2019 @ 11:22am

Our week began with a great kick start to our RE topic of Judaism with a trip to Maidenhead Synagogue. It was a fun and informative morning and gave us a real insight into how a synagogue works and some of the more important aspects of Jewish life, symbolism and beliefs. We started by looking at the outside of the building and were surprised that it wasn't anything like we were imagining it would be! We moved inside and spent a while learning about Shabbatt and how a table is prepared for this important day. We were able to look at the Synagogue's Torahs which were very beautiful. We learnt that Hebrew is written from right to left which was quite confusing when we had a go at reading the torah using an yad. We got to try on kippahs, looked at a very impressive lego model of a Jewish Temple and finished our visit with a drink and biscuit! We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Kriefman (Amber's grandparents) for helping to organise this and for Sheila who spent her morning showing us around and teaching us. 

In PE this week we had a go at breakdancing at Peppard War Memorial Hall! It was lots of fun, some of us displayed some great dance moves! 

We have also spent time this week completing assessments. Everyone worked really hard and tried their best. 

In Literacy we have continued with our work based around Iron Man. We looked in more detail at speech and continued punctuating our own dialogue based around conversations the characters from the story might have had with each other. 

The year 3s got to take part in a rugby tournament on Wednesday and did very well despite the weather!

The year 4s were multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers using the grid method and the year 3s were focussing on their 3 and 4 times tables in maths. 

In art this week we looked at the painting ‘Going to Work’ by LS Lowrey to see if we could identify aspects of the artist’s style. There were some great observations about how the figures within the painting looked and the colours used. After writing their own analysis of the work the year 3s then drew a detail from the painting or drew a picture from their own imagination keeping to the stylistic methods they observed.

The year 4s worked with a mouldable material, clay, to use techniques such as rolling and pinching to create a slab pot. Another objective of the activity was to use tools safely which everyone did. Each had some pre rolled clay to measure and cut  to make a long parallel slab of clay. Then they carefully picked up the piece and formed it into a cylindrical shape and joined the ends.This was VERY fiddly but everybody did really well working carefully and patiently to good results. It was pleasing to see children helping out their friends to achieve the end goal. Finally they rolled out a base to join to the work to make a small vessel. It all sounds easy but it was a real challenge using lots of new techniques which they did admirably. During our lesson we were visited by Carlie and Noah from Peppard class. Finding that we were short on rolling pins for our clay lesson Mrs Clinkard  commissioned some carpentry work from the youngest children in the school. What a relief it was when they arrived with their brilliant handy work. Beautifully sawn and finished rolling pins. Just what was ordered. No wonder they look so proud of their work!

Homework this week is to log on to activelearn and play the new games that have been allocated to you. Previous games should still be on there and of course you can play these too.

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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