Highmoor week commencing 29th March

Date: 31st Mar 2021 @ 5:24pm

Welcome to the last week of term in Highmoor class.

It has been so lovely to be back in the classroom together for the last few weeks after months of zoom lessons. The children have coped so well with the return to school, they should all feel very proud of themselves.

In maths year 3 have spent the week recapping halves and quarters and will continue with fractions next term. Year 4 have been looking at fractions of amounts.

We read a lovely book called Fox and did some hot seating based around it to explore the characters feelings and motives. We felt that the book left us on a cliffhanger so wrote our own endings to the story in the style of the book. This was harder than it sounds as the book was written in the present tense and we really had to focus on our writing to maintain the correct tense.

We hope you like our Easter eggs that we have been making in DT. We all felt very proud of our sewing skills and could see real improvement over the lessons.

Term ended with our traditional egg rolling competition. It was great fun, even though we had to abandon our initial plans to roll our eggs down the 'Egg Rolling Hill' due to some very interested horses! We decamped to the common and continued with the competition there. It was lovely to be able to take part in a Peppard tradition again and it felt like a return to normality for all of us.

Thank you to all parents for your support during this very strange term. We hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy catching up with friends and family again. See you all next term! 

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