Highmoor week commencing 29th October

Date: 1st Nov 2018 @ 9:58am

Welcome back to school after the half term break. We hope you all had a lovely week. 

School started on Tuesday with lots of work around Remembrance Day. We thought about why we have Remembrance Day and why it is so important to us all today. In Literacy we each wrote an acrostic poem with a Remembrance theme. Later that day we spent some time choosing a line or 2 from each of our poems to make 6 class poems which we will share with you on Wednesday during the Church Service. We all worked so well together in our groups deciding whose line to choose for each letter. Everyone was so thoughtful of each others feelings and we all made sure everyone was happy with the final poem. 

In maths this week the year 3s have been adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s to 3 digit numbers. Later  in the week we were adding and subtracting near multiples of 10. The year 4s were also adding and subtracting 1s. 10s and 100s to 3 and 4 digit numbers and then adding and subtracting near multiples of 10 and 100. 

Following on from our DT project about bridges, we looked at how two of the great artists painted work that included bridges. We first looked at ‘Bridges across  the Seine at Asnieres’ by Van Gogh and discussed what we liked or disliked about it. We noticed how he had painted the  reflections of the pillars in the water and how his use of colour helped to create light and shadow. We next looked at ‘Water Lily Pond’ by Monet and noticed how the colours that he used were a little more subtle and mostly different shades of blue and green. Most noticeable in both paintings was the painting technique they used  with short thick brush strokes to build an impression of the scene. We chose one of the paintings to help us plan a painting of our own in the style of the artist. We have made a good start and will develop our ideas further next week.


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