Highmoor week commencing 2nd March

Date: 6th Mar 2020 @ 1:35pm

This week maths started with looking at compact column addition. Year 3s used place value counters to help their understanding and were soon exchanging ten 1s for one ten or ten 10s for one 100 and thinking about which column to put the extra 10 or 100 in. Some moved on to word problems. Year 4s were also using compact column addition to add two 4 digit numbers together and then interpreting word problems. At the end of the week we were looking at division with remainders. 

We had great fun learning about the Domesday book. We used drama to investigate how the information was gathered. Each child had a role to play and we had an exciting lesson being peasants, knights, Lords, Royal Commissioners and role playing our parts. 

In PSHE we are continuing to think about the benefits of having a positive mental attitude. We thought about how our thoughts influence our feelings and that by changing the way we view things to have a positive slant can impact on our mental health positively.   

In computing we started tinkering with the programming application Scratch. It was fun investigating what the code could do and we got to look at each other's efforts and assess our work. 

Homework for the next 2 weeks is to really focus on learning times tables. Please spend the time practising as much as you can. Focus on the times tables you have already learned and the one you are practising at the moment. Year 4s challenge yourselves and practise all of the times tables up to 12. Become familiar with those you have not yet focussed on so far.  

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