Highmoor week commencing 2nd September

Date: 4th Sep 2020 @ 11:17am

Welcome back to school!

A big hello to everyone, it's been so long! It really is lovely to see everyone back in the classroom with happy smiling faces. 

All of the children have done amazingly well at settling back into school life, we are very proud of all of them. Our classroom looks a little different this year with everyone sat in rows facing forwards and there are new routines to get used to; all put in place to keep us all as safe as possible. Children have adapted quickly and are already used to our one way system and hand washing and sanitising regularly. 

This week has been about getting to know each other a bit better, doing some fun activities and getting used to being back in the classroom environment. We have played games, written letters introducing ourselves, painted a self portrait, developed our class rules, thought about our hopes for this year, and most importantly had fun. 

Please can you make sure that a reading book is brought into school every day. For those children that are free readers they can bring a book in from home or choose from the many we have in the classroom. For children that are on the book band scheme, Miss Tillotson and Mrs Claridge are trying to read with them all as soon as possible so that they can be put on the correct book band. Books in the appropriate colours will be available in the cloakroom corridor for the children to choose from.  

Have a great weekend and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again on Monday. 

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