Highmoor week commencing 30th September

Date: 4th Oct 2019 @ 11:08am

We went on our first trip of the year on Tuesday to the Henley Literary Festival to see author Harry Heape. We have been reading one of his Shiny Pippin books in class which we are all enjoying. It was really interesting hearing all about how he develops his characters and stories and where his inspiration comes from. We also found out that Harry Heape is his pen name and that his real name is Julius! He asked us to have a go at writing our own stories with our own characters in them. Homework this week is to have a go at this, thinking about your own shiny character that can speak to animals. What adventures will they have? 

In maths we have been looking at doubling and halving numbers. We partitioned numbers and then doubled or halved each element and then recombined our answers to give us a final total.

On Thursday a lady called Jess from the Henley Youth Choir came to visit. First we warmed up our bodies and voices and created a rain shower just by using body percussion. We learned some call and response songs and rhythms before learning a new song which we later sung as around. A little late we got together with Springwood class to share what we had learned and then we all sang together. It was great fun.

In history we thought about what would be fun about living in the stone age and which things we would find difficult. We came to the conclusion that although lots of things would have been great fun like making fires or hunting most things would have been difficult because of the lack of tools or knowledge to help us. Most of us weren't too keen on the idea of living in a cold draughty cave or having to kill animals to eat them!

In music this week we were practising on our recorders. We learnt all about rests,  those parts of the music where we make no sound at all. We then learned a new piece with rests in it and performed it in front of the class. 

In PE on Friday we continued with working on passing and moving skills that we will need when we play invasion games such as netball and basketball. Today we discussed the importance of warming up before doing sport to avoid injury. We designed our own warm up games in groups and modelled tham to each other. 

For clarification, we practise times tables every day in the classroom at the start of our maths lesson. On top of this each child has a 30 min session once a week on an ipad when they will be tested on their times table they are learning. They then continue to practise them during that session. There are also whole maths lessons spent on times tables throughout the year. Most importantly though we rely on parents helping with times tables at home. Children are expected to know their times tabes off by heart and the only way to achieve this is through practise. Please come and chat to us if you want any further information on this or anything else.  

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