Highmoor week commencing 3rd May

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 12:33pm

Welcome to another week in Highmoor. 

This week in maths year 4 have been focussing on telling the time. We have been telling the time to the nearest minute using analogue clocks. Year 3 have continued with fractions and have been focussing on finding fractions of amounts.

In literacy we finished studying the myth of Romulus and Remus by writing the part of the story that includes a dilemma and resolution. We evaluated both our own and a friend's work by using a checklist to see if we had included all of the items on the success criteria. We have been reading myths in class and have been picking out common features. We then spent some time researching Roman Gods and Goddesses on ipads who appear regularly in Roman mythology.  We have also looked at the book ‘Letters to Africa’ and written a letter to an imaginary African pen-pal. We have learnt about using prepositions for place, time or cause and used them in our letters to add detail and description. 

This week in Computing we have been learning how computers use different forms of input to sense the world around them. We have learnt about weather stations and the children have designed their own weather station to record rainfall, hours of sunshine, temperature, wind direction and wind speed.

In music we continued to learn our Roman Marching Song. It is great fun to be able to sing in school again although we still have to sing one year group at a time to follow covid guidelines. 

In PSHE this term we are learning about our bodies. This week we focussed on how to maintain a healthy mind, muscles and heart by thinking about our diet, exercise, stress and many other things that affect our health. 

Please can you ensure that your child's green book is in school every day. We record spelling and times table test results and practise spellings in it. Spellings to be tested next week can be found in the green book and on the website, don't forget to log on to Ed Shed too. Sumdog is also set for times tables work. 

Have a great weekend! 

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