Highmoor week commencing 4th November

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 1:38pm

Welcome back to a new term in Highmoor. It was great to talk to you all about your children on Monday and Tuesday. We do realise that it is more difficult to communicate under the current circumstances. Normally our door is always open for a chat before or after school but obviously that can't happen at the moment. If you ever have any concerns or want to talk about anything, please get in touch with the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

In maths this week the year 3s looked at column addition with exchanging and some children applied this to solving word problems. Year 4 focused on column subtraction to solve problems, we also thought about the most efficient method of subtraction for various calculations and problems including altering the original numbers, we then moved on to rounding and estimating as a way to check answers. 

In literacy we continued to read Street Child and wrote a character description of Shrimps. We also looked at the Snail and the Whale and considered what questions the characters might ask each other. We then put these questions into a conversation that we punctuated correctly with speech marks remembering to start a new line each time a different character spoke. We also re wrote the emergency from the Snail and the Whale thinking about powerful vocabulary and including questions and speech between characters. 

In computing we are continuing to learn about emailing and sent an email with an attachment. 

In history we learned about the Industrial Revolution during the Victorian period and the impact it had on the country and people's lives. 

We used our shadow puppets that we made last term and performed a short sketch in groups. We were impressed with how effective it was and how entertaining each other's sketches were. 

Homework is on the school website. Sumdog has been set as normal with individualised times tables questions for each child, spellings will be tested next Wednesday and of course reading every night. 

The photographer will be in school on Monday, details have been emailed to you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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