Highmoor week commencing 5th November

Date: 9th Nov 2018 @ 1:20pm

In maths this week the year 3s started the week by looking at pairs of numbers that add up to equal 100. Some of us used beaded lines to help. We moved on to using the counting up method to subtract numbers either side of 100 eg 113 - 78. The year 4s started off by subtracting 3 digit numbers from each other using the expanded decomposition method and also used counting up to work out the answers. We had to decide which method was the most efficient. 

In literacy we looked at the benefits and downsides of the introduction of railways. We had lots of fun discussing why different groups of people would have held very different views. 

On Tuesday some of the girls took part in a year 3/4 girls football tournament. It was great fun and we had a fantastic time. As ever we showed excellent sportsmanship. Those of us who didnt go had some fun too. Noah had bought in his air powered rocket and we went on to the common to see how high it would go. We estimated how many times Noah would have to pump it up before if blasted off into the air. It was 5! And it went very high with a very loud bang!! 

In art this week we looked with fresh eyes at our paintings and thought of how we could improve them. Lots of us had a go at trying some different brush strokes to create more texture. Changing our brush  to a thicker size helped with  this. Many of us tried to vary and mix  a variety of shades of the same colour and gradually our artworks began to emerge.

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