Highmoor week commencing 6th January

Date: 9th Jan 2020 @ 12:51pm

Happy new year to everyone! Welcome back to school. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festive season.

The children have settled back into school life quickly and have been working hard all week. We started Literacy this week imagining we were Dragonologists! We wrote lists about places we might look for dragons and signs that they might leave around the country that would help us locate them. We wrote a list poem about what you might find inside a dragon egg and did some lovey descriptive writing about our own dragons. 

This term we are learning about Greece and thinking about why it has always been in the news. We located it on a map of both the world and Europe and completed our own maps with keys. 

In maths the year 3s have been investigating 3 digit numbers by thinking about the value of each digit, placing them on number lines, playing games, rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10 and solving word problems. The year 4s have been learning about decimal numbers. We multiplied and divided them by 10 and thought about which direction the digits moved in a place value grid. We put decimal numbers onto number lines, rounded them to the nearest whole number, looked at equivalent fractions and decimals and solved word problems using place value knowledge. 

We learnt about human rights in PSHE and had some very interesting conversations about the things which we thought everyone should be entitled to. 

In art this week we enjoyed thinking about our favourite meals. We then went on to develop our drawing and composition skills in trying to draw them as realistically as possible. We were rather bold with our mark making and many were successful in making their chips look 3D. There were lots of egg and chips and burgers on the menu!

In gym we were thinking about spatial awareness and how we could make our bodies as big or as small as possible. When trying to make ourselves as big as possible we had to think about where we could position ourselves without touching anyone else. This proved to be quite tricky for some of us!

We have nearly finished our science topic about sound. This week we made telephones using paper cups and string and explored how sound waves travel and change over distance.

FYI spellings will continue to be tested on Monday. Times tables tests vary depending on which ERIC group your child is in. We run a 2 weekly timetable for this so for most children their test day is on 1 day in week A, a different day in week B. We went through this with the class on Monday and they should all have written down in their home school diaries which day they will be tested on. PE continues to be on Monday and Friday.

Finally just to let you know that Miss Tillotson and Mrs Claridge have changed their hours slightly so Mrs Claridge is now working Mon, Tues, Weds and Miss Tillotson works Thurs and Fri. Any questions about this or anything else please do come and speak to us. We are always happy to talk. 

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