Highmoor week commencing 7th May

Date: 9th May 2019 @ 10:10am

We started our week in Highmoor with literacy and rewriting the myth of Romulus and Remus. We thought about the language to use and tried hard to include some correctly puntuated direct speech in our stories. Later in the week we continued to look at non fiction writing thinking about the structure of reports. We investigated fashions over the centuries and have started to plan a newspaper report we will write about our chosen unusual fashion item. 

In maths the year 3s looked at word problems that involved doubling and halving numbers, they moved on to do some times tables activities and then learnt a new method to multiply numbers - the grid method. Year 4s focussed on addition and subtraction by practising the column method, looking at word problems, thinking about whether a written or mental method is more appropriate and subtracting/adding near multiples of 10,100,1000.

In history we looked at how the ruling system of ancient Rome changed over the centuries and placed key events on a number line. 

In Science we are continuing to learn about the digestive system. We found out how long it takes for food to reach our stomachs by eatinga piece of biscuit........6 seconds! We had great fun reconstructing the digestive system using various food items, a pair of tights and paper cups! 

In IT we have been learning about how the internet works and role played how a you tube video gets to your home computer. 

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