Highmoor week commencing 7th October

Date: 8th Oct 2019 @ 11:00pm

Another action packed week in Highmoor! 

On Tuesday we attended a workshop held by Roots to Food where we got to be chefs for the morning! We prepared from scratch a meal of beef chilli with rice and nachos. We all got a chance to chop the ingredients, mix them together, stir them while frying and serve them. We learnt about carbohydrates and protein and what they do for our bodies. Finally, we all got to eat our meals. The speed at which the food was gobbled down was impressive! 

In maths the year 4s started the week using their knowledge of place value to add and subtract 4 digit numbers. We built on this throughout the week adding and subtracting 10s, 100s, 1000s and combinations of these. The year 3s were also working with place value additions and subtractions and using this knowledge with money problems too.

In literacy we retold each other the story of Stone Age Boy. We then started to write our own versions of the story. We have written a plan, thought about the characters involved and some of the descriptive language we will use. 

This week in our art lesson we began to think about how we might change the colour of some fabric. Having previously learned about how people before us used natural products as pigment, we agreed that we could probably use these same natural things to use as dye. However we have decided to come up to date and use some modern dye to hopefully create some more vivid colour. We talked about the many steps involved with the process and began to make a plan of what we wanted to do. We are going to design a tie-dye pattern to decorate a cotton bag. We had to choose which tie technique we wanted to use in order to create either a stripe or circle design and two colours to use.We have drawn pictures of how we predict our design will look when finished. Thank you to all those who bought in aprons and old shirts this week in readiness for the project. Please can I urge all who haven’t done so yet to bring in their aprons in good time for next week’s lesson. It has the potential to get a bit messy!

In music we have been learning how to read rhythms written in minims, crotchets, and quavers and have been continuing to develop our part singing. 

Don't forget our trip on Monday next week to Hill End. We will be outside and unfortunately the weather does not look great. Children need to bring a packed lunch, wellies and waterproof coats with them and waterproof trousers too if they have them. Girls can wear PE jogging bottoms so that they can wear waterproof trousers if they want. We are aiming to leave at 8.45 so please can everyone arrive at school by 8.40 latest.  

Have a great weekend! 

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