Highmoor week commencing 8th July

Date: 9th Jul 2019 @ 12:42pm

What an amazing start to our week! On Monday we spent the day at the Kenton theatre practising our part in the play to make sure it was just right for our parents and family to come and watch later. We got to sit in the balcony during the afternoon performance which was great fun as we coud see what the whole play looked like with all the extras like the lighting and smoke machine. We really hope you enjoyed watching the play as much as we did taking part. 

Back to normality for the rest of the week! We did tennis as usual on Thursday. We practise serving and played some rally games. Our tennis skills have really improved over this half term.  

In literacy we have continued reading our class story, The Spiderwick Chronicles. We read to chapter 4 and discussed the description in the text that helped us build imagery in our minds. Today we reflected on the thoughts and feelings of Jared, one of the characters in the book, and the words used to help us draw those inferences from the text. We discussed some fab new vocab like ‘intrigued’ ‘optimistic’ and ‘dubious’

In maths the year 3s started the week revising units of time and how they related to each other. They moved on to looking at angles and learnt the difference between rigt angles, acute and obtuse angles and finished the week looking at perpendicular and parallel lines. The year 4s were also looking at angles, lines of symmetry, different types of triangles and angles within a quadrilateral. 

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