Highmoor week commencing 9th September

Date: 13th Sep 2019 @ 4:58pm

Welcome to the first full week back in Highmoor. 

Our history topic this term is Prehistoric Britain. We kickstarted this by becoming archaeologists. Our classroom had been turned into a huge neolithic longbarrow for us to explore. We had to think about what the structure could be and what the things we found inside could have been for. It was great fun exploring with torches and imagining we were archaeologists. 

In literacy we have been reading the book The First Painter which is all about a stone age boy who drew the world's first picture. We investigated the powerful verbs the author used and wrote our own descriptions of stone age animals using similes and adjectives. 

Maths has been all about practising our addition and subtraction skills. The year 3s thought about easy ways to add 3 or 4 numbers together looking for number bonds to 10 and 20 or doubles etc. We also investigated the concept of equality. Year 4s were revising the frog method to subtract by counting up, using mental methods to add and subtract by partitioning or counting on or back. 

In PSHE we thought about the behaviours and attitudes needed to achieve and thought about our own achievements over the last year.

Music was great fun. We have started looking at a new song about the Vikings. We pretended that we were Vikings and started to explore how to sing in parts.

In art we thought about how people in the Stone Age created art. We thought about what resources they had to hand and as a result we learnt some different techniques we could use when working with charcoal. For this lesson we did not try to draw pictures but simply focussed on mark making and how manipulating the charcoal we could create different lines and textures. We found we could make marks with rubbers drawing with them into the charcoal. We were quite excited about how the simplest actions could create such a different image, for example  when applying the edge of the charcoal as opposed to the tip as we would a pencil. We later added chalk and experimented with different details we could add. Finally we did some smudging with our fingers. It was a bit messy, but great fun! 

Just a reminder that children should come to school every day in their school shoes. Trainers should also be in school every day for the children to change into when going outside to play or for PE. PE kits should be worn to school on Monday and Friday. 

I hope everything is clear regarding how to use the Home School diaries. Children are responsible for changing their reading books when they need to - they just need to ask a member of staff. Reading books should be in the class every day and taken home to read every day. 

Have a great weekend. 

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