Peppard class - 01.02.2019

Date: 31st Jan 2019 @ 10:07am

Welcome to our week in Peppard Class

We started the week with our weekend news.  The children are really progressing with their writing and their confidence to sound out words is improving.  

We invented a new dinosaur story this week, we have based it on the story we have been reading called 'Am I yours?'  Our version is called "Are you mine?"  The children did some lovely pictures for our book.  We would love for you to come into class to hear it on Thursday at 3 pm.  We will also tell you some interesting dinosaur facts!

We have finished our phase 3 sounds this week.  We will be spending lots of time practising them over the coming weeks.  We will be having a pupil versus teachers phonics game next week.  We were planning to send the sounds home today so we will send them home on Monday and have our competition mid week.  Mrs Wall and I are planning to revise, the children are very quick!

This week the children have been making dinosaur footprint biscuits.  We will make some with today's key children on Monday so they do not miss out.  

In maths this week, we have been using number blocks, numicon and number lines to add and subtract numbers up to 10.  Some of the children have been recording their number sums.

We really have enjoyed the snow and ice.  We have been rescuing dinosaurs from the ice using warm water and pipettes.  It has been so much fun and a great learning opportunity to have this weather.

We have had some very creative helicopter stories - a lot of them are about dinosaurs.  We can show you one on Thursday.  Some of the children are actually writing their own.  We are very proud of their great efforts.

In PE this week, we continued learning different jumps.  We started travelling using our jumps and we jumped off the vaults.  

Enjoy the snow!  


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