Peppard class - 11 September 2020

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 4:34pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.  

The children have been developing their friendships and we have observed some lovely play.  We have continued to learn about dinosaurs.  We have enjoyed using non fiction books and comupter programmes to find out information.  We have also listened to a variety of stories about dinosaurs.  

In phonics we have been playing some phase 1 games and we have begun the phase 2 sounds:

s, a, t, p

In maths we have played some games to support estimation, counting and sorting.  We have used dinosaurs and fish to help us.  We have also been learning about number one.  We have looked at the number line, ten frame, numberblocks and songs and rhymes.  We examined the shapes and found the circle is a one sided shape.  We then looked at Kandinsky's concentric circles painting and colour mixed to make our own.  We then looked around the classroom and outside for circles.

The children enjoyed their first PE lesson outside on the common and they have also been developing their physical skills in our outdoor area on stilts, balancing beams and with the balls.

Have a lovely weekend.


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