Peppard class - 13th November 2020

Date: 13th Nov 2020 @ 6:09pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

We have been learning some phase 3 letters and sounds as well as some tricky words.

Letters and sounds: y, z, zz, qu and ch.  

Tricky words: He, she, me and we.

We have also been learning letter names.

We have been doing sorting and matching in maths.  We have listened to the story 'The button box' and sorted our button box.  To challenge the children, I asked them to guess the sorting rule.  This helped them to use maths understanding and artiulate their ideas.  We have also been learning more and less using our fruit shop every morning.  The shop has helped the children to learn maths in a practical activity and they have also been eating lots of fresh fruit.

We have been learning about autumn and enjoyed a welly walk to the new site to observe changes in our local envrironment.  We enjoyed making our own transient art of leaves that have changed in colour (thank you Lily's mum for that idea).  We observed the differences between the colours of leaves. 

The children loved looking at the nature and we found lots of worms and a hole in the ground.  

We continued to learn the story 'The Enormous turnip'.  The children can retell the story using actions and they made a story map.

We have enjoyed using the interactive board and programming the beebots.  I love watching the children's enthusiasm as an idea grows and develops.  They made bridges and mats for the beebots and we put different outfits on them.  

Every morning, when the children arrive, we have activities based around a specific skill.  These may be fine motor skills, maths or phonics.  I am so impressed with how much work the children do by 9 am!  They work hard and we are very proud of them.  Please enjoy the photos from the last couple of weeks. 


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