Peppard class - 22nd November 2019

Date: 18th Nov 2019 @ 9:45pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

We began our week by writing our weekend news and making our own class newspaper. We enjoyed writing for a purpose. 

We then had a circle time about seasons and autumn. We went on an autumnal walk looking for different leaves. We looked at colour, size and shape before coming back to class to make collages with our leaves. We talked about animals and learned some new vocabulary - migrate and hibernate. 

In phonics this week, we have learned the new sounds w,x,y and z.  We have also played lots of tricky word games.  

In maths we have been sorting and comparing numbers, shapes and objects by a given criteria.  

We have enjoyed listening to music and dancing this week. We listened to the beat and clapped along. We then did our version of the waltz. 

The children made some lovely Stick families out of wood. It was delightful to see them playing with their new friends so enthusiastically! We then had a grouptime to talk about how Stickman was feeling during the different events in the story.  We enjoyed watching the movie at the cinema.

Monday - Taylor, Noah and Henry

Tuesday - Barny, Olivia and Elle

Wednesday - Grace, Margot and Max

Thursday - Molly, Talia and Holly

Friday - Charlie and francesca

Have a lovely weekend.

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