Peppard Class - June 7th 2019

Date: 6th Jun 2019 @ 10:58pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

We went on a wonderful trip to Sutton Courtenay at the beginning of the week.  We took our teddy bears along with us for a teddy bear picnic.  While we were there, we learned all about how animals survive in the wild.  We learned about SWAF.  This stands for - shelter, water, air and food.  We did a variety of activities with our bears to learn more about SWAF.

We sang the teddy bear picnic song and did some activities in class.  We wrote some shopping lists, went to Mrs Wall's shop to buy our ingredients before making our own sandwiches.  Some of us ate them for snack time.  

In phonics this week, we have been learning about the 'ay' sound.  The children have been learning this with Jay the alien.  We have been writing sentences and words using our new sound combined with tricky words and previously taught sounds.  

In maths this week, we have been counting to 100, counting on and back from a given number on our hundred square and completing number lines with missing numbers.

We have loved the helicopter stories this week, the children are incredibly creative with their characters and plots.  All the children are confident to play a part when we act the stories out at the end of the session.

During choosing time, the children have been very busy.  One group continued to play with the role play shop and made signs and prices for books and art resources.

The sand pit has been very popular with children digging and developing different imaginative creations out of the sand.

Due to  the inset day on Monday, we will move the Key children on Monday (Islay, Josh and Phoebe) to Friday for show and tell.

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