Peppard class - week beginning 15th March 2021

Date: 15th Mar 2021 @ 9:20pm

Breaking News!


This week, in Peppard class garden - an alien space ship appeared!  At first, the class were a little anxious and we approached the ship with caution.  We looked for clues and gathered them up - including alien poop!  We then recieved a note from Obgoo the alien who seemed very friendly but it had lost it's friends and was searching for them.

The children set to work to make Obgoo a hotel to stay in whilst it was here.  Obgoo told us a little bit about what it eats and, it turns out, aliens do love underpants!

Later in the week, Obgoo tried to get the space ship working again.  Luckily, the children helped by creating engines and fuel but Obgoo only got as far as the tree.  

The saga continues .........

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