Peppard class- 20th September 2019

Date: 19th Sep 2019 @ 10:59pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

We have been so busy this week!  On Monday, we took the sandpit cover off to find a little frog or toad.  We looked up some facts about the little creature and decided that it was probably a toad although it definitely jumped like a frog.  We know this because we tried to catch it so we could have a closer look.  It was a comedy moment!  We decided to learn a little more about the life cycle of a frog and learned about the different transitions.  We then did some observational drawings based on our own photographs of the little guy.

We have been learning some letters and sounds in phonics this week.  We have started with the sounds

s, a, t, p

We have started to read words by blending sounds.  We have played lots of blending and segmenting games and sung songs and rhymes.  We will do another week of introducing sounds and then we will send some reading books home.

In maths this week, we have been playing lots of games.  We have started with number one as our number of the week.  The children have had their picture taken for the display board.  We have also been adding one more and one less to bigger numbers during practical activities such as squirting numbers outside and playing the Bus stop game that involves adding one more or taking one off the bus.  We have also introduced the 1p coin which they used when they 'paid to play'.  The shop has been very popular, thank you to Noah's family for the donation.  At the end of the week, the children learned about the circle shape becuase it has one side.  We looked at Kandinsky artwork - The colour study 'Squares with Concentric circles'.  We mixed our own colours before painting some gorgeous pictures in the style of Kadinsky.  With our own interpretations of course.  I think Mickey Mouse was my favourite addition!

In other news, we have enjoyed lots of stories.  We read a story about ourselves and looked at similarities and differences.  We then read a fabulous book called "have you filled your bucket today"  by Carol Mcloud.  It helps the children understand how their behaviours effect others.  We also had some discussions and activities about our stories. 

Today the children have enjoyed a PE session and developed their gross motor skills and coordination.  

We observed some lovely play and interactions.  The children are chatting and developing narratives and creative ideas together and making some lovely friendships. 

We are having flexible key child days so please watch the website to see when yours will be.  Their key child day is also their Show and Tell day.

Show and Tell dates for w/ b 23rd September 2019





















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