Peppard class - 8th October 2021

Date: 5th Oct 2021 @ 4:04pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.  

In phonics, we have learned the new phonemes, e,u,r and the tricky word I.  We have been very impressed with the progress when writing our letters so far.  

In maths, we have been learning the phase 'It's me, 1,2,3'.  We have been learning about representing numbers in different ways and we have been practising our subitising skills.  We have been classifying different objects and learning how to explain our mathematical ideas and thinking.  We then went on to compare numbers and we learned that numbers are made up of smaller numbers.  The children were introduced to 10 frames and part whole models.  We read the story of the Three little pigs and designed dens both inside and outside.

We have a wonderful week learning about dinosaurs.  We have learned about the T Rex and we made collages of a T Rex.  We looked at our egg which hasn't hatched yet.  We have been guessing what dinosaur might be inside and drew pictures.  We read the story 'Am I yours?' and considered the different features that the dinosaur might have and learned about carnivores and herbivores.  

In continuous provision, Mrs Wall and a group of children had a great time designing a police station outside.  They used lots of active learning and creative thinking to design, reflect and improve on their ideas.  

Inside, some of the children were nursing a poorly baby.  It was wonderful to see such empathy in play.

We have been so impressed with the natural kindess your children have been presenting.  I have observed a child offering another child her coat and I had two children who helped me when they noticed I was tidying up etc!  

We will be going to the church next week for our first service where your children will be retelling the story of the Little Red Hen which is about harvesting wheat to make bread. 

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Monday - Teddy, Bella, Erin

Tuesday - Abigale, Bethany, Bode

Wednesday - Oakley, Zander, Wren

Thursday - Lily, Bea, Hunter

Friday - Jomi, Sophia, Freddie

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