Peppard class - week ending 1st October 2021

Date: 28th Sep 2021 @ 5:25pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class!

It has been very exciting.  On Wednesday morning, our class had been disrupted by what appeared to be a small dinosaur!  We found an egg hidden away in a nest under a table.  We thought about what it might be and had a discussion.  Luckily, we had the opportunity to go the Oxford Natural History museum to find out some more information.  We met a wonderful expert named Chris who told us lots of information.  We learned about reptiles, mammals and birds.  We looked at fossils such as fossilised dinosaur poo and learned how to be scientists!  We learned about how to find out how tall a dinosaur was from the feet.  We then went around the museum and looked at some exhibits.  We will wait for our dinosaur egg to hatch to find out what it is.  

In other lessons, we read the story of The Colour Monster and we thought about how we felt in certain situations.  We then created our own colour monsters.  

In phonics this week, we have recapped our sounds so far, learned o,c,k and ck.  We are beginning to read and write some cvc words.  Writing is often the most difficult area of learning so please do provide lots of writing opportunities at home - such as shopping lists, secret messages etc. 

In maths this week, we have been continuing in the phase of Just like me and we have been learning and creating repeated patterns.  We have also been playing a game called 'guess my rule' where objects are sorted and the children have to identify why they have been classified in that way.  


We have been retelling the story of the Little Red Hen and we have completed some activities about this story.


We will  begin show and tell next week.

Monday - Teddy, Bella, Erin

Tuesday - Abigale, Bethany, Bode

Wednesday - Oakley, Zander, Wren

Thursday - Lily, Bea, Hunter

Friday - Jomi, Sophia, Freddie

Your child can bring in one special object.  

Have a lovely weekend


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